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Linvoy Primus, a man with a big smile, big personality and an exciting testimony who communicates very well with all ages. I met Linvoy in the summer of 2008 and since that time we have visited schools and led assemblies and individual classes. During the summer of 2009 a crowd of over 300 children, youth and adults packed the Holiday Club marquee on the village green at Yapton when Linvoy was the main attraction. Linvoy also spoke at Gaston farm’s annual lambing event which draws in thousands of people over the Easter weeks. His football fame and powerful Christian testimony, as well as being an ambassador for Faith in Football and Portsmouth Football Club have created a platform for him to speak affectively about his Christian faith.

Hugo van Driel, pastor of Yapton Free Church

Well, what can you say about Linvoy Primus – a wonderful man with a heart full of Jesus, and we are blessed to call you and your family our dear friends!

Darren Moore, Faith & Football, West Bromwich Albion player

Linvoy is a man of integrity and honour, and he and his wife are an example of a great christian marriage. Linvoy and his family are fully planted in Family Church, and it’s been a privilege to begin to counsel him in this new direction in his life. Linvoy has spoken many times at various Family Church events, and always shares passionately and with good humour. I fully endorse his ministry, and recommend him to all church leaders.

Andy Elmes, Senior Pastor of Family Church, Portsmouth

Linvoy Primus

I have known Linvoy for over 10 years now, and I have had the privilege to see him grow as man, husband and passionate follower of Christ. His love for God and people oozes out of him, whether you meet him at Pompey, on the street, or listen to him as he shares his story of how God has changed his life. I’ve seen him communicate in a variety of settings – schools, restaurants, churches – wherever he is, Linvoy gives of himself and clearly to people regardless of age and background. I thoroughly recommend him.

Andy Rimmer, Vicar and Chaplain of AFC Bournemouth

Linvoy Primus is a man who has been changed by the power of God and is passionate about telling others about it. He always brings clear, fresh, passionate words, a heart of humility and a story that connects easily with people of all ages. He is unashamed of the good news of Jesus Christ and because of that, people listen to what he has to say. The gospel and Linvoy’s personal story of life in football is a powerful combination that God uses to capture peoples’ attention and introduce them to Jesus. Linvoy is well worth listening to!

Tim Hancock, Locks Heath Free Church

I first met Linvoy in 2008 when he came to Charlton on loan from Portsmouth. On meeting Linvoy he immediately comes across as a warm, friendly and charismatic person. On getting to know him more it is clear that his Christian faith underpins all he does and has made him the likeable character he is. I have worked with Linvoy on several Christian events where he has shared his testimony, his journey of faith and answered questions. Linvoy is a very gifted and natural speaker, he relates very well to people and is able to connect with his audience in a powerful way. Linvoy is good fun to work with, a great communicator and an excellent witness to the gospel.

Matt Baker, Chaplain to Charlton Athletic FC